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2022 Annual Catherine Dixon Volunteer Day

The Boys Farm Catherine Dixon Volunteer Day was started because of a little 7 year old girl named Catherine Dixon.  Her grandmother, Miriam J. Shuler of Bowman, SC, was a strong supporter of Boys Farm.  One year Mrs. Shuler prayed for God to help her raise $100.  She handmade bead ornaments inspired from a "pearl gold" angel pin she had picked-up in Louisiana.  Sure enough, the first year the sale of the ornaments brought in $100.  Every year thereafter, Boys Farm received over $1,000, which was raised by the sale of the handmade ornaments from Mrs. Shuler.  Over the years, this simple, yet profound and faithful commitment, raised over $30,000 to help make a difference in the lives of children in need.

After her grandmother passed away in 2007, for her 6 year old birthday party Catherine planted a magnolia tree in her memory.  She asked all her friends coming to her party to place money on the tree so that she could donate it to her grandmother's favorite ministry—Boys Farm.  The next year, Catherine planted a peach tree for her birthday and once again raised funds for Boys Farm; at this point she had raised over 1,000 dollars!  On November 15, 2008 Boys Farm had its first annual Catherine Dixon Volunteer Day.  Catherine donated several trees, a wishing well, and most of the supplies for the day.  Over 100 volunteers (including Catherine and her parents) came out to plant trees, build wishing well, paint cottages, replace flooring, serve food, and help with many other needed projects.

The 2022 Catherine Dixon Volunteer Day will include tree planting, landscape installation, painting,  greenhouse work, carpentry, and other projects for all ages. Of course breakfast, lunch, and refreshments will be provided at no cost to you. This little girl's generous heart not only moved her to do something good for ministry, it has inspired and moved so many of us to do more!  Indeed, you would not even be reading this if it were not for Catherine.  It is amazing to witness how God works.  Call 803-276-5910 if you want to be a part of this special tradition.

                    Where: Boys Farm

see www.boysfarm.org for directions

When: Saturday,

November 5, 2022

Time: 8:30am - 4:00pm

a great event for families, churches,

and school & civic groups!!


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