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Academic Development Program

Success in academics is the number one predictor of positive outcomes for at-risk children.  On average, the boys are behind one to three years in school when they come to us.  Some are not reading on grade level; some struggle with math, English, science or social studies.  Virtually all of them find schoolwork a challenge when they first arrive.  The emphasis placed on education is a value quickly adopted by Boys Farm residents.  In the age and grade appropriate cottages in which they live with their house parents, each boy receives the individual help, tutoring, encouragement and personal attention required to meet the challenges of school.  The boys all come to realize that education is a vital element of their future success.  We are also partnering with the local schools to help meet this need.  Through school testing, a child's strengths and needs are identified and Boys Farm is able to support the schools in providing academic help.  We have recently developed an on-campus learning center with funds provided by partnering with the local school district and private donations.  The learning center includes a library, computer lab, and study center with professional tutors and retired teachers provided by the local community schools. The tutoring program allows the boys to study in a way that promotes academic success and keeps the children on the cutting edge of educational progress.