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Mr. Billy O'Dell

Billy O'Dell - Feb. 10, 1933 - Sept. 12, 2018

Boys Farm would like to thank everyone for their generous donations in memory of Mr. Billy O'Dell.  Your kindness is mirrored by what Mr. Billy has done for Boys Farm for many years.  We are forever grateful for your generosity.

 - Boys Farm


William O. “Billy” O’Dell died Wednesday morning, September 12, 2018 at the Newberry County Memorial Hospital. 

"Mr. Billy" as he was known to the children at Boys Farm was one of the original members of the Board of Directors at Boys Farm when it was founded in 1960.  In later years, because of his busy schedule, he left the Board of Directors to form the Advisory Board for Boys Farm where he used his influence and love of Boys Farm to raise funds and awareness for the ministry.   Mr. Billy brought on other baseball greats to the Advisory Board including Alvin Dark, Tony Cloninger, Bob Bolin & Bobby Richardson.  Mr. Billy enjoyed coming out to Boys Farm and autographing baseballs for the children and spending time talking to them. He had a great love for the ministry and would always ask what he could help Boys Farm.  


Paper Products

·      Paper towels

·      Toilet Paper

·      Kleenex

·      Napkins

·      Zip Lock Bags (quart and gallon)


Canned Goods

·      Soups

·      Vegetables

·      Canned Meat:  Tuna, Chicken, Salmon

·      Canned Fruit

·      Jelly/P-nut Butter

·      Spaghetti, Alfredo Sause, etc…

·      Noodles:  Egg, spaghetti, etc…

·      Honey

·      Flour, sugar, basic spices



·      Shaving Creme

·      Liquid Hand Soap

·      Shower Gel/Bar Soap

·      Men’s Deodorant

·      Shampoo

·      Disposable razors


Sports Equipment:

·      Baseball Equipment (ages 6-adult)

·      Gloves

·      Baseballs

·      Bats