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Rather Than
Mending Men ”

Character and Responsibility Program

This program is designed to help our boys learn the value of character and taking pride in one's work.  The boys learn to follow rules, complete chores, and to have a solid work ethic.  The CARP involves age appropriate tasks, volunteerism, and an on-campus paid work program.  Each boy has a specific "job" they are responsible for completing each week.  Not only does this help the boys prepare for work in the adult world, it also provides time for the boys to be mentored and work alongside Boys Farm staff.  Each child has the opportunity to advance to a supervisory role, in his department, as he displays initiative and hard work. Examples of some of the job titles are cowboy, landscaper, mechanic, handyman, etc.  On weekends, the boys have the opportunity to go to town and spend some of their earned money on some fun activities.  This is also a good opportunity for them to learn about money management as they can decide to save their money or use it for some other purpose.  The CARP teaches the boys to take pride and ownership in their work, appreciate the value of a job well done, learn about money management, and build character.