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College Advancement Program

The College Advancement Program (CAP) was started in 2005 in response to the large percentage of children that were leaving Boys Farm (and foster care in general) at 16 yrs old. The CAP works in a series of phases that is administrated by the CAP Coordinator. The CAP Phase 1 begins after the child has made a commitment to pursue post-high school education. In this Independent Living phase, he begins to aggressively learn basic living skills (cooking, cleaning, time management), pursue regular employment, obtain a drivers license, study basic financial skills, research college and career choices and assume leadership roles on campus. The second phase of the CAP begins as the boy is able to display the ability to independently accomplish the goals and objectives of Phase One and is preparing to enter college or pursue vocational training. At this point he transitions from the high school cottage to the CAP apartment. The boy continues to do all that is involved in phase one, but with greater independence. Boys Farm plays an active role in the child’s life all the way through his post-high school education. Besides an on-campus apartment, the boy receives counseling in financial management, college and career choice, scholarship and grant writing, social and spiritual development, and independent living. A boy may continue in the program provided he is attending an institution of higher education, such as college or vocational training.