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Creating Memories

The Creating Memories Program was started to allow people the opportunity to help the boys create lasting memories. Many of the boys, who come to Boys Farm, have never had the opportunity to do the most basic activities that most of us take for granted. Some fish, camp or go hiking for the first time in their lives. For others, seeing the ocean or the mountains for the first time is almost overwhelming.The Creating Memories Program not only includes trips, but also includes events like Christmas party's, motorcycle rides, theme parks,State Fair's, the zoo, ball games, and anything else that might bring a smile to a boy's face.

Some of you may wish to pay for the boys to do a specific event. If that is the case, CONTACT US or call 803.276.5910. However, if you wish to just give towards this special program DONATE NOW and designate your gift for "Creating Memories".

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