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Meetze Pond House

Through your support a new home will be built for the Boys Farm. The Meetze Plumbing Company, under the leadership of Kevin Meetze, is the initiating sponsor and creative influence behind this community project. The idea for the house came to Kevin while he and his children were taking a hay ride tour of the farm. He overheard someone living at Boys Farm mention the dream of having a nice place to stay at the pond. With this statement the dream was born.

The house, although modest in size and accommodation, will be comfortable and allow a place for visitors and guests to stay on campus. Most importantly this house will allow families to visit their sons that otherwise might not be able to afford to come and stay in a hotel. The house will be located next to a beautiful pond in a private area on campus and will replace the dilapidated and unusable structure currently on site.


Purpose of the Meetze Pond House

1  To serve as a haven for boyís mothers to come visit their son for a weekend on Boys Farmís land.  They can get away from all the difficulties and struggles they may be experiencing. 

2  To be a retreat for houseparents to rest and re-energize in order to better minister to  the needs of our children in addition to serving as a guest house.

3  To have a place for the boys to experience Godís creation in a carefree environment during childhood.  They can fish, swim, canoe, walk through the woods, and enjoy life memorable weekends at the new cabin.  They can just be boys.


Boys Farm has chosen to name the future house the "Meetze Pond House" in honor of Kevin Meetze, his family and the entire Meetze Plumbing Company for their work, not only with this pond house, but also for their years of committed service to the children and ministry of Boys Farm.

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To learn more about the project contact Kevin Meetze at kevin@meetzeplumbing.com or 803.600.5178 or contact Boys Farm.

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