Boys Farm & Newberry College

For the last 50 years, Boys Farm and Newberry College have had a great relationship that extends all the way back to the founding of Boys Farm in 1960. The relationship stems not only from sharing the same hometown, but also because of a shared passion; making a difference in the lives of young people.

Today, Boys Farm welcomed Newberry College Vice President Charles Wendt and Head Football Coach Todd Knight to our beautiful 305+ acre campus. Mr. Wendt was visiting to increase his understanding of Boys Farm and show support for our ministry. Coach Knight came to present funds that had been raised for Boys Farm, by the Newberry College football team at their recent spring game.

Newberry College has expressed great interest in continuing to develop this historic relationship with Boys Farm, that for years has benefited all involved. As a result, Coach Todd Knight has invited the boys to attend all home football games as guests of the team. All of these things help us achieve our mission of Building Boys rather than Mending Men.

We want to say "Thank You" to both gentlemen for visiting with us and for sharing and showing your desire and passion to be involved in the lives of the children.


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Newberry College Vice President Charles Wendt and  Head Football Coach Todd Knight took time to get to know the boys.