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 The Plant-a-Tree Program allows people to honor/memorialize a friend or loved one or simply just give a gift that truly keeps on giving. This type of gift will give shade, beauty, and joy to generations of boys for decades to come. Some may choose to purchase a tree and bring it to Boys Farm themselves, and some wish to send money and allow Boys Farm to purchase and plant the tree. All gifts given in honor or memory are recorded and a the one honored or the family of the one being memorialized receive notification of the special gift.

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The Boys Farm Plant-a-Tree Program was started because of a little 7 year old girl named Catherine Dixon. After her grandmother passed away in 2007, Catherin Dixon planted a  Magnolia tree on her 6th birthday and a peach tree on her 7th birthday, in her memory over her grandmother. She asked all her friends coming to her parties to place money on the trees so that she could donate it to her grandmother's favorite ministry - Boys Farm. She raised over $1,000! With the money, Catherine donated several trees, a wishing well, and most most of the supplies for the first annual Catherine Dixon Volunteer Day. (read the full story)

Boys Farm Plant-a-Tree Program now includes shade trees, fruit trees, flowering trees, decorative trees, shrubs, bushes, picnic tables, swings, and more.

For more information regarding the Plant-a-Tree Program, please contact us or call 803.276.5910.

The following is a list of the types of gifts that Boys Farm has been given so far.

Trees: Oak, Poplar, Maple, Crape Myrtle, Cherry, Dogwood, Camelia, Bradford Pear, Apple, Pear

Bushes/Shrubs: Blueberry, Azalea, Hydrangea, Rhododendron

Equipment: Picnic Table, Park Bench, Wishing Well